The Building Project

Our existing accommodation in the Newland Christian Centre cannot satisfy demand. The numbers of people wanting to attend groups which meet in the Centre are increasing, and we would like to host additional activities for different sectors of the community to meet new needs. We have therefore been consulting with group leaders at St John's and considering for some time how best to deal with the problem.

A solution emerged in 2017 when the former HSBC bank at 550 Beverley Road, next door to the Newland Christian Centre, came up for sale. This would meet our need for additional and flexible accommodation and facilities and, in autumn 2017, our bid for its purchase was accepted.

The intention is to make the old bank and the Newland Christian Centre into an integrated and enlarged Centre (see drawing).

We have evolved plans, adjusting as we went to keep the estimated cost within a figure which we think is achievable.

We have set a limit of £300,000 for the conversion, redecoration, furnishing and equipping of the new enlarged Centre.


Tendering and timing
We hope to go out to tender for the building work in July 2018. The contract with a builder would be confirmed some time after that but work would probably not start till at least September 2018, and would depend on the availability of sufficient funds. The work will take up to 26 weeks and could not therefore be completed until well into 2019 at the earliest.


As a matter of urgency, we are now considering prayerfully how we can raise £300,000 to complete the project.

  • We are looking to outside sources, but that is unlikely to provide sufficient monies.
  • We may also have to consider short term loans until promised money comes in.
  • Ultimately, the greater part of the funding will need to be raised from the congregations at St John's, Riverside and St Faith's.

There are various ways to give to support the project.


For further information:

A Building Co-ordinating Group has been established, made up of TNCT Trustees and members of St John's and Riverside churches.

If you have any comments or suggestions, or for further information, please contact:

  • (Chairman of the Building Co-ordinating Group)
  • the ministers or
  • other members of the Group (James Belham, John Emmerson, Tim Mitchell, Heather Payne, Geoff Waring, Viv Whitton and Beverley Wing)

Download the latest Building Project newsletter here.