Welcome to the Newland Christian Trust

The Newland Christian Trust (TNCT) is a registered charity set up to provide resources for spreading the Gospel primarily in the Newland area of Hull. The city is one of the most ‘unchurched’ in the UK, with an average church attendance of 0.6%.

The location and its issues

The City Council’s Public Health Profiles 2017 show that the Newland Ward was in the bottom 10% of most deprived wards nationally and that 44% of the areas in Newland fell within the most deprived fifth (20%) of areas nationally. 27% of dependent children in Newland were living in child poverty in 2015. In addition, in recent years there has been a significant influx of refugees and immigrants from Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Our work

The Trust's work includes providing and administering funding for Christian work and workers. We currently support eight workers at St John Newland, Riverside and St Faith’s (the three churches in the Parish of St John Newland), who organise activities and support individuals within the community in a variety of ways.

TNCT also owns and manages the Newland Christian Centre (NCC). Located in a popular shopping area on Beverley Road in the heart of Newland and adjacent to St John’s, the Centre provides meeting facilities for both St John’s groups and other community organisations.

By providing workers and a venue, we are able to offer support and enable a varied programme of activities for different sectors of the local community (see ‘What we do’ at www.stjohnnewland.org.uk) including children, teenagers, both UK and overseas students (Hull University is just up the road), women, young families, seniors, refugees and immigrants.

These activities are a means towards helping to spread the love of God, to offer answers for those who find there is something missing in their lives, to enable friendships and long-term relationships and to build community links between individuals and families.


The Trust is based in the Newland Christian Centre and is independent of the Church of England.